8 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Office is Running as Efficiently as Possible


Minor adjustments to business operations can make a big difference to your business’s bank account. How can you make changes that will impact your business’s bottom line, without affecting the level of quality of product or service that you provide? Check out these back-end internal cost-cutting ways to make your office run as smoothly as possible.

Create a Paperless Office

A paperless office environment helps you lower the cost of office supplies significantly. You can greatly reduce the consumption of paper, envelopes, stamps and ink with a paperless office. In addition, this increases storage space and the usage of copy, fax machines and printers. Your business can also experience cost savings by utilising direct deposit and eliminating paper paychecks. You can better organise your financial records by going paperless, as well. Scanning, saving and organising PDFs of bank statements, expense reports and tax records will help you stay more organised and efficient when it is time for tax preparation next year. It may even cut down on the time that your accounting firm bills you, significantly reducing business costs. So, embrace modern technology and transform your office to a paperless one today.

Employ a Remote Workforce

Employing a remote workforce, whether it’s one or two days a week or full-time can significantly cut business costs in many different ways. You can decrease the amount of space that you lease if employees are not using meeting rooms, desks or other resources, as often. This decreases the need for cubicles, office furniture, computers or desks. You can also save money on electricity, supplies and employee meals or snacks. In addition, hiring a remote workforce allows you to recruit the best employees from a larger geographical location.

Go Green

Significantly reduce utility consumption by going green. Whenever possible, skip paper entirely by going paperless. Send an office-wide email instead of handing out a bunch of memos. Don’t print out large documents unless it is absolutely necessary If you do have to print something, make sure that you use eco-friendly paper or post-consumer waste paper products. Use reusable cleaning products for your office such as sponges and mops. Cut back on the use of disposable cleaning products and paper towels. Ensure that the cooling and heating systems are optimally set up to save the most power yet maintain a comfortable temperature for employees.

Make Sure That Your Office Space Is Cost-Efficient
The cost of office space is often one of the biggest expenditures for businesses. Using office space efficiently is essential for many businesses and companies. Make sure that you have an ideal office layout. Update the configuration on a regular basis. A layout that suited the way business was done ten years ago might not be relevant today. Study whether the layout of the building is helping or hindering employees getting their work done. Look for inefficient organisation of space and figure out how to redesign it in a way that will improve efficiency. By evaluating office space needs every so often, you might be able to reduce the size of office space that is needed and get away with less room.

Buy Secondhand Office Furniture and Equipment

Find office furniture and equipment at a fraction of the retail cost by purchasing it used. Many times, other businesses will sell their furniture is they unload their assets or liquidate. Buying liquidated or used office furniture offers big savings. Buying refurbished equipment is another way of saving money. Refurbished computers, printers and such are typically refurbished to the original specifications but come at a fraction of the cost. This can also help you to update old technology that is costing you money but in a less expensive manner. Many times, the cost is half as much for used furniture and equipment versus new and, in most cases, no one can tell the difference.

Maintain Office Equipment

Office equipment enables your staff to do their jobs professionally and efficiently. So, when your copiers, fax machines and printers are not running smoothly, it hinders the efficiency of your office. Equipment that is poorly maintained often requires very expensive repairs. So, properly maintain your office equipment by performing basic maintenance tasks so that it will last longer and be more efficient.

Reduce Inventory Costs

Inventory is typically one of the most substantial assets of any business. Maintaining the right amount of inventory is one of the keys to reducing costs and improving efficiency. If you do not stock sufficient amounts of inventory, you risk not meeting customer demands. But, if you stock too much of the wrong inventory, you will end up with useless stock sitting on your shelves. Either way, you face losing money. Reduce inventory costs by counting everything in stock, get rid of excess merchandise by selling at a discount or donating to a charity for a tax write-off. For the future, purchase the right quantities of merchandise using ongoing inventory counts and set up reorder alerts.

Hold Virtual Meetings and Teleconferences

Reduce travel costs by using technology to hold meetings. Teleconferencing and virtual web meetings offer an ideal solution to reduce travel costs of business meetings. Services such as GoToMeeting, WebEx, Microsoft Office and MegaMeeting offer web and video conferencing for professionals. These services allow you to conduct a virtual conference from anywhere in the world with as many as 5,000 participants. Instead of traveling across the country to deliver a powerful presentation to a prospective client, you simply log on to one of these service providers and conduct the meeting from the comfort of your office. These services also offer technology that makes it easy to share files and data with others, such as desktop and application sharing capabilities. You can also record the conference or meeting for future use.

The above ideas and tips are simple, easy way to make big changes in your office. Following the above suggestions will help improve your business’s overall financial health by making your office more efficient.