Getting Down to Business: Four Types of Office Furniture to Increase Productivity


Today’s workplace consists of more than just a row of cubicles with traditional desks and chairs. More and more companies are seeing the benefits of using unique office furniture to improve employee productivity and inspire creative collaboration. If you are considering revamping your office space, consider these unique types of furniture to improve productivity in your office.

Outdoor Office Cubicles

Outdoor office cubicles range from small, self-contained pods with a table and chair to fully lit and climate-controlled outdoor buildings. They sit outside your office building, ideally in a courtyard where your employees have a sunny view of the outdoors. Taking your staff out of a boring office and letting them work outside can encourage creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Invest in a few of these cubicles and have your employees schedule blocks of time for working outdoors to allow everyone access to these innovative work areas.

Standing Desks

One of the biggest trends in office furniture is the standing desk. These desks allow the user to stand during the workday, which can lead to increased productivity as well as several health benefits. reports that standing desks can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders and obesity. Employees may feel as though they are able to accomplish more because they are upright and alert instead of slouched in a desk chair. Convertible standing desks that allow your employees to choose between sitting and standing are available, making it easy for each person to find the right workstation setup to meet his or her needs.

Sofas and Coffee Tables

Sofas and coffee tables aren’t just for the home anymore. Creating small living room-style areas in your office can encourage collaboration and improve productivity by giving your employees a way to step away from the desk and work in a cozy setting. Team members can share a cup of coffee on a couch while brainstorming ways to solve problems and conflicts. This casual setting can help to reduce workplace stress and anxiety and help your employees to feel more in control of their time at the office.

Conference Tables

While conference tables aren’t exactly new or innovative, the idea of using them to replace traditional desks is. Creating a truly open workspace gives everyone the chance to literally have a seat at the table, allowing everyone to participate in discussions about ongoing projects without having to schedule a meeting. With everyone sharing the same workspace, your employees can actively collaborate throughout the day, which in turn boost productivity and throughput.

When you are ready to revamp your office, look for modern design concepts and unique furniture that foster creativity and boost productivity. You may find that your employees love the idea of innovation to help them do a better job every day.